The tutorial will be held on June 6th (Full day) at the International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI) 2022 in Rome, Italy.


From petting a dog, checking the temperature of bathwater, to assembling complex machines, the haptic perception of our body strongly contributes to our experience and understanding of the surrounding physical world. While today’s Virtual or Mixed Reality systems can provide convincing visual and auditory worlds, they largely ignore the haptic properties necessary to create a convincing virtual environment. In recent years, research proposed a large variety of different approaches to overcome this limitation of today’s systems. These range from handheld or worn devices, grounded and ungrounded encounter-type interfaces, to electronic stimulation applied directly to muscles (EMS) or even pseudo-haptic feedback elicited solely by sensory illusions.

This tutorial will be a mix of lectures, activities and prototyping. We will start with the physiological aspects of how humans feel and provide an overview of current trends in research on haptic rendering. We will continue this by showing how haptics can be utilized to change users’ perceptions. Finally, we demonstrate how to manipulate haptic perception using sensory illusions, such as pseudo-haptic feedback.